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Hi creates practical and innovative products, aiming at offering its customers a high-quality lifestyle.

HI was established by Rick Abbott, renowned British designer, and H. W Lee, founder and owner of Sanwall Electric Products Co., in the 1980’s.

The brand has over 30 years of history since its creation. In those years, the market was flooded by shoddy electrical appliances. As an electronic engineer, Mr. H.W. Lee fully understood the fact that product quality improvement always comes from thinking outside the box. His philosophy was shared to his best friend Mr. Rick Abbott, a famous British designer. They then together created their own brand and set off for the journey of developing innovative products of superior quality.

With meticulous attention to every detail, Mr. Abbot’s designs deliver not only practicality but also beautiful and elegant appearance, bringing modernity and sophistication to living environment. On the other hand, Mr. Lee and his team constantly strive to innovate and improve quality in order to provide customers with state-of-the-art products.

Today, HI has become a well-known brand in Europe, earning lots of word of mouths throughout the continent.

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