Ledlenser M7RX Flashlight

· 8307-RX


Product Overview

The LED LENSER® M7R X achieves, thanks to a new LED chip, increased lighting performance of its predecessorsand also delivers a completely different light cone characteristic. A titanium colored ring at the head of theflashlight identifies this new performance dimension. Unlike the LED LENSER® M7R that concentrates almost allof the light into the focus, the powerful M7R X provides plenty of light beyond the focused spot. In doing so, itachieves excellent lighting range despite the generous light distribution. A wider beam angle also enables agreater and more even lighting area. In addition, when it comes to functionality, this flashlight lives up to thestandards set by its predecessors: SLT micro-chip controlled lighting functions, probably one of the best focusingsystems in the world (Advanced Focus System). Single-handed focusing (Speed Focus) and a charging technology(Floating Charge System) that couldn’t be more convenient complete the performance portfolio. The LEDLENSER® M7R X is a hand-held torch ideally suited to the performance-oriented user.

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203 g





Battery Type

1 x ICR18650

Recharge Time

6hrs 30mins